How to Stop Alcohol Cravings

Whatever the reason, you can battle your alcohol cravings with the foods you eat. We listed the top 5 foods for resisting the urge, as listed below. There are three medications that have been FDA-approved for the treatment of AUD, and two of them may help manage alcohol cravings. Trying to ignore alcohol cravings is not the best way to manage them. It is better to accept them as normal and actively treat them through a variety of methods, including possibly taking medication. There is some scientific evidence suggesting acupuncture provided by a qualified practitioner can help cut alcohol consumption and lessen alcohol withdrawal symptoms (11).

  • AUD can cause alcohol-related liver disease, heart disease, stroke, and cancer.
  • Understanding and recognizing these factors will help you reduce or manage cravings more effectively.
  • Because it is not yet known whether any amount of alcohol is safe for a developing baby, women who are pregnant or may become pregnant should not drink.
  • If you drank beer before, try switching to sparkling water.
  • Below, we’ll explore why cravings happen and offer a few tips to manage them, from in-the-moment techniques to long-term coping strategies.

Other animal studies have shown that CBD can lower the motivation to drink or seek out alcohol. A small scale study involving 120 adults who used both cannabis and alcohol found that people may be less likely to consume as much alcohol if they use CBD. Get enough sleep every night as exhaustion can make cravings worse. You’d get a bottle and keep the party of one going at home.

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For example, journaling or talking with supportive friends can be really helpful in managing difficult emotions without using alcohol as a coping tool. For severe alcohol addiction, the withdrawal symptoms can last between five and ten hours following the last drink. For more mild drinkers, this withdrawal phase can last between five and seven days. This can mean thinking about drinking with others or good times that happened while the person was under the influence of alcohol. If you notice someone romanticizing their alcohol use, it would be a good time to ask them if they need support avoiding their drinking habits. Another sign that someone is relapsing is if they admit to using alcohol and feel that putting limitations on their drinking is right.

  • It is an essential part of our personal growth and evolution in recovery from addiction.
  • The B vitamins in bananas increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.
  • The key to a successful life in recovery is learning how to effectively manage the two conflicting sides of your brain- the recovered brain and the alcoholic brain.
  • Even some people who aren’t alcoholics still have cravings for the substance depending on various factors.
  • If someone has 2-3 symptoms present they have mild alcoholism, 4-5 symptoms present indicates moderate alcoholism, and 6 or more shows that the person has severe alcoholism.

Make meetings a priority – Join a recovery support group, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and attend meetings regularly. Spending time with people who understand exactly what you’re going through can be very healing. You can also benefit from the shared experiences of the group members and learn what others have done to stay sober. Whether you choose to tackle your alcohol addiction by going to rehab, getting therapy, or taking a self-directed treatment approach, support is essential.

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It is possible to manage your cravings for alcohol and reclaim your sobriety with dedication and hard work. If you are struggling with alcohol cravings, it is best to seek help from a healthcare professional or treatment center. They can provide you with the support and resources needed to break free from the cycle of addiction and live a healthier life without alcohol. If done correctly, therapy or counseling can reduce the number of triggers and urges a person has when trying to quit drinking. The goal is to identify the trigger and analyze the feeling the person has related to drinking. Part of the therapy is also providing the patient with coping skills and other valuable strategies to help them overcome the desire for alcohol.

how to reduce alcohol cravings

It’s just the brain trying to adjust itself to the lack of excess dopamine. After a while, our brain can solidify new pathways to dopamine again (in natural, healthy ways). For many who have been drinking for a prolonged period, walking away from alcohol can feel like walking away from something as natural as breathing or sleeping. It can make it seemingly impossible to regain control of your life and make healthier choices.

Use this strategy to kick cravings for anything.

They also learn about any medical issues in the past related to substance use. Once the doctors and nurses have all the information, they create a tailored plan. This plan ensures the person gets the specific treatments they need to recover effectively. Windward Way Recovery specialists are highly trained to approach the subject in a caring manner. Their goal is to collect only the essential information they need to begin the admissions process. They collect details such as medical history, a description of the addiction, and other relevant information.

The goal is to help them get there as quickly as possible with minimal stress. The patient can reach out to them at any point for reassurance and guidance. Knowing more about what to expect will help the person overcome some of their fears about seeking help. If you’re gathering information for someone else, be sure to find out more about the process to provide them with those details. If it’s you looking for help, you’ll want to know more about the entire process from the first step, which is making the call to Windward Way Recovery.

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