An Introduction to Internet of BehavioursIoB

Businesses can accordingly send marketing messages, promotional offers, and discounts to drive sales and offer a sublime shopping experience to their customers. Travel companies can make customized and relevant offers and recommendations by studying consumers’ social-demographic characteristics and past online behavior., for instance, enables customers to book hotels, resorts, and staycation accommodations at a specific destination.

what is internet of behaviours (IoB)

Users’ data should be highly protected and used only with their permission. People used to synchronize their devices by themselves, and it is a pretty helpful practice. IoB is an emerging technology that will influence the tech market for the next few years. IoB or Internet of Behaviors is based on understanding, predicting, and affecting human behavior through data analysis.

However, businesses can also benefit from the recent proliferation of IoT devices. But despite many advantages of using IoB, this technology will be responsible for raising several questions related to the privacy and security of the person. Therefore, companies need to set up awareness programs to educate stakeholders internet of behaviours (IoB) about cybersecurity for the IoB technology. Netflix is a handy example to demonstrate the best practices using IoB technology. With the use of IoB, Netflix is reaching its target audience with suitable suggestions. For every customer, Netflix provides a different set of movie suggestions layout.

How Hyper-automation influences Workforce Engagement, Analytics and AI

The IoB, which analyses the data and aids in the understanding of human behaviour and decision-making, necessitates a complete reorganisation of legal laws and agreements. Any offline and online movement can now be monitored thanks to smartphones being a part of our everyday lives. Alongside by being active over social media, e-commerce sites over internet we let companies gain details about our living pattern, likes, dislikes, behaviors and much more. Consumer data may be gathered from a range of sites and technologies, including a company’s website, social media profiles, sensors, telematics, beacons, health monitors , and a variety of other devices.

With the help of advanced technologies, companies can connect smartphones to devices like cameras, laptops, and voice assistants. Technology, Data & Analytics, and Behavioral science are all combined in IoB. Data is collected using technology, and is then converted into information and knowledge using analytics.

The number of people preferring online shopping has also increased in the last few years. Policymakers can alter their regulations and laws as per the data of customers’ behaviors. IoT is witnessing substantial development across several different industries. Agriculture is one such sector where farmers use other IoT-based technologies for better and more effective crop production.

what is internet of behaviours (IoB)

All the companies who are planning to build IoT solution should be careful and give utmost importance to maintain the security and privacy of consumer data. To prevent a negative response from the customer, it’s critical to strike a balance between customized deals and intrusiveness. Internet of things refers to the network of physical objects for connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the Internet.

What exactly is the Internet of Behaviours? And how is the planet evolving as a result of it?

With the rise of new IoT devices, understanding behaviors with numbers will become an exciting aspect of every business. Of course, IoB does propose data security and privacy concerns, but we will always find a way to solve this problem and ensure the responsible use of the data. While IoT is a network of interconnected physical objects gathering and exchanging information over the internet.

Having an internet connection is the prerequisite of the internet of behavior , hence digital marketing services will be among the biggest gainers of IoB technology. The Internet of Behavior is a relatively new industry concept that seeks to understand how consumers and businesses make decisions based on their digital experiences. The IoT is a network of interconnected physical objects that collect and exchange data and information via internet-capable devices and sensors. The IoT is continually growing in complexity as the number of interconnected devices increases.

Through IoB, both platforms have the capability to target users based on their behaviour towards that advertisement through “click rates”. This feature bombards advertisements that are only relevant to the users while neglecting the irrelevant stuff. As a result, the brands will be able to connect with their ideal audience more easily.

what is internet of behaviours (IoB)

Chrissy Kidd is a writer and editor who makes sense of theories and new developments in technology. Formerly the managing editor of BMC Blogs, you can reach her on LinkedIn or at To many experts, the IoT is problematic because of its lack of structure or legality. The IoB approach, interconnecting our data with our decision-making, demands change of our cultural and legal norms, which were established before the Internet and Big Data Ages.

Emotions, choices, augmentations, and companionship are the four areas of behavioural science that we examine when we utilize technology. It’s not about the “things” at all when companies use the Internet of Things to persuade us to change our habits. We’ve crossed over into the Internet of Behavior as the IoT connects individuals with their activities. Thus, the IoB is a transformative phenomenon that can potentially reshape humanity’s relationship with technology.


The same applies to Youtube that recommends channels or videos based on the preferences by behavioural analytics to improve the viewer’s experiences. Businesses can use the data extracted through IoB technology to make the user experience better. As the behavioral data helps get a better understanding of the consumers toward the services or products, companies can benefit a lot from the information extracted.

what is internet of behaviours (IoB)

However, the Internet cannot exist without people and what they do with it. This has led to a line of thinking which marries data and people’s behaviour to arrive at richer and more fruitful experiences for both brands and end-consumers. Industries where IoB is relatively well established include healthcare, fitness, insurance, social media, and online advertising.

The Benefits of IoB in Digital Marketing

As you already learned, telematics is another example of implementing IoB in practice. Cprime has broad expertise in implementing such Fleet Telematics solutions. Next, we will share one of the cases of how technology can help improve fleet productivity and safety. A survey is conducted at the end of each journey to evaluate the passenger experience. They can go even further by using IoB instead of IoT to collect data without the need for a survey to evaluate the experience. To automatically work on feedback, it is possible to track the driver’s behavior and then interpret the passenger experience.

With access to tools of behavioral analysis and interpretations, they will be in a stronger position to better reach the people who are at the endpoint of the purchase process. They also provide an example of how car companies study the driving behaviors and utilize gathered information to improve their customer’s experience. Here, they determine the way data is used to help businesses understand their customer’s unique preferences and find a way to evolve, considering their data, to act as feedback.

  • The usage data collected by these IoT devices provide valuable information about users’ interests, behavior, and preferences.
  • In the right set of hands and proper data protection laws, it shall play an important role in the near future.
  • A more specific term related to the IoT is machine-to-machine communication, also known as M2M communication which focuses on the interaction of devices with each other, rather than between a human and a device.
  • Companies have used big data to understand their customers’ wants and needs.
  • IoB is the natural extension of IoT where these three components are used to achieve long-term customer satisfaction and greater profits.
  • Countries and governments are currently tracking the usage of IoT in various fields, as well as its development over time.

IoB can let you analyze the behavior of your prospects and their buying habits across different platforms. It can ensure that businesses continue their growth in the significant upheaval face related to the current pandemic and changing climate of the world’s economy. Analyze the purchasing behavior and habits of your clients across different platforms. It is also important to mention that IoB has ethical implications depending on the goals of using it. That is why privacy laws have a significant impact on the adoption and scale of the IoB. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the privacy and security concerns of IoB implementation more in detail.

IoB Evolution

Keep on reading this article to learn what the Internet of Behavior is and how companies are using this new technology trend to their advantage. That allow individuals to configure IoB devices connect them to other hardware and apps and view sensor data over a given period. Although voice interfaces are also getting traction in the Internet of Things domain, these apps often run on mobile devices. The internet has led to many changes in how people act, think and behave, especially with respect to their health and well-being.

IoB and the Real World

IoB platforms are designed to gather, aggregate and analyze data generated from a wide variety of sources, including household digital devices, wearable computers and human online activities. The data is then analyzed in terms of behavioral psychology to look for patterns that can be used by marketing and sales teams to influence future consumer behavior. Another role of IoB in digital marketing is the ability to access consumer behaviour on social media and information about their daily lifestyle. IOT which collects data on trends in each user’s lifestyle will give an understanding of how and when certain products or services are used. With IOB, vast marketing opportunities can be recognised since organisation and retailers are able to identify and target certain individuals or groups that could benefit from their products or services. For instance, social media such as Facebook and Instagram advertisement features.

What Is the Internet of Behavior (IoB)?

The scandal changed the world and its view on how our personal data is used without consumer’s consent, to influence the same consumer and manipulate them according to their digital patterns. Retired Professor Göte Nyman, University of Helsinki, recently in his blog about IOB, stated that he introduced the term “human IOB” in the year 2012 in his book “On The Edge of Human technology – An Essay”. He stated that humans have a digital identity and an offline identity, both are not necessarily the same. The concept of human IOB aims to protect our identities and attract us towards genuine business and not falsely influence us. He believes that people and companies connect better when data is collected through personal analytics. Please share your insights in the comments section to help others understand the potential of this transformative approach.

Internet of Behaviors (IoB) Market – Global Assessment 2021 – 2031, Industry Analysis and Opportunity

This will allow for hackers to try and steal information and phishing attempts will be on the rise too. As more people enter the IoB loop, the more susceptible they will be to online scammers. The bigger the network and the more detailed the data, the more lucrative it is for cybercriminals. Internet of behavior is not only impacting the quality of your service, but it can change the value chain of your product or service as well.

This paper is brief about the IoB and its role to fulfil customer requirements. This study also identifies and discusses IoB applications for better customer services. The aggregation of use and information from IoB devices gives helpful insight into consumers’ comportments, desires, and tastes, something coined as a computer network. It encompasses many devices from phones to vehicles, exercise reloads, credit cards, to everything else literally connected to the Internet. At the same time, businesses used to drive their decisions based on data for decades.

It’s also feasible that sensors placed in certain areas could notify authorities if there was bad weather headed for a specific location. In theory, there’s no limit to where and how IoB and IoT will make a difference. Google and Facebook both use behavioral data to showcase advertisements to people on their platforms. This allows brands to connect with their ideal audiences and track their behavior towards that advertisement through “click rates”. As a society, we have somehow decided it is fair to charge higher insurance rates for people who post on their Facebook pages about how drunk they got last weekend. But insurers might also scour social media profiles and interactions to predict whether a customer is a safe driver, which may be considered a questionable move.

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